Paranormal Investigation Suggestions

 Some Investigation suggestions!

1. Do a pre investigation tour first before you do a full investigation some so called haunted sites are not haunted!

2. Your investigation team should not be wearing any after shave, deodorants or perfume. Some times spirit bring smells with them, you would not want to miss them!

3. Establish yourself a 'Control Area', it's a safe place where you can set up your monitors and return to for rest breaks and regrouping. Don't Smoke or drink during your investigation!

5. Synchronising all watches and time details on equipment may sound daft, but there is nothing worse than having a conflict about times of events!

6. Deploying your teams around your site will depend on how many people are present. And the size of the building you are in. But it is important to rotate your investigators on at least an hourly basis

7. Your monitor team should take a set of base readings from any remote sensor thermometers or EMF meters used in each room under investigation at least on an hourly basis.

8. Start the investigation only once you have all all base readings taken and your equipment checked! Take plenty of spare batteries as spirits sometime seem to drain batteries!

9. Allow at least one hour for things to settle down after you set up and start your investigation. sometimes spirits hide too!

10. Begin any experiments you have planned for the investigation. The most popular are:

a) Orb tests for intelligence, b) Toy experiments, c) Circle work with mediums. d) EMF tests, e) Temperature tests, f) Coin test

g) Walnut test,   h) Sand Test

11. Keep accurate/precise notes throughout investigation these will be invaluable afterwards!

12. When using clairvoyants and psychics, do not give them any advanced warning of where the investigation is! Let them do a walk about and be guided by them as to where to run your circle and place your cameras.

13. If you’re using Dowsers then keep the dowsers away from the clairvoyants because if your clairvoyants are good they will tell you where the energy lines are and this will confirm the dowsers results!

14. Enjoying your paranormal investigation is a must!

15. Keep your common sense with you at all times!!!

16. Keep warm, bring hot drinks and food and warm clothing- some investigations can be very cold indeed!

17. Over 97 % of what you will encounter will be explained logically so don’t cry wolf. Make sure you have eliminated the normal before you say you have something paranormal                                                                                                                   

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