Haunted House

Is your house haunted?

· · 1. Do items seem to disappear only to have them turn up where you have already searched?

· · 2. Do pets like cats seem afraid in certain areas of the house?

· · 3. Do lights, kettles, videos or televisions turn on and off by themselves?

· · 4. Have electric light bulbs blown on a regular basis in a single room?

· · 5. Have you heard footsteps inside the house when you are alone?

· · 6. Do you feel as if you have been touched when no other person is in the room?

· · 7. Do you hear sounds coming from within the walls?

· · 8. Have you smelt, smells that are not normally part of the house around you?

· · 9. Do you sometimes feel like you are being watched, or have other members of the family

       mention this feeling?

· · 10. Do you see movement or even shadows out of the corner of your eye?

· · 11. Have you seen white balls of light flying around the room?

· · 12. Have you witnessed doors open and close by themselves?

· · 13. Do certain areas of the home feel cold and do they seem to never warm up?

· · 15. Have any family members used an Ouija board inside the house?

· · 16. Do you know if an Ouija board has ever been used in your house?

· · 17. Have you got any photo’s that are taken in the home that show a mist or white/blue coloured

        orbs either on digital cameras, or 35 mm film?

· · 18. Are you aware of any sad deaths within the house?

· · 19. Has the house been rebuilt on ground previously built on or used?

· · 20. Do you know if there are any ley lines running through the house?

· · 21. Have you any video or DVD cam footage of flying balls of golden or white light or misty/foggy


If you have answered yes to at least 10 of them then it may be worth having a paranormal investigation team in to check out the property for paranormal activity.

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