Psychic and Spiritual Teaching with Paul

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Paul has a wealth of spiritual and psychic experience and knowledge gained over a lifetime of working in this field. Paul has also given public demonstrations in spiritual churches and at venues around the United Kingdom and abroad in the Philippines.

This is what Paul said: “I have taught at various places including Hafan Y Coed, Spiritual Retreat, in Wales, Also in Sudbury, Suffolk plus in Swansea, Wales and Cebu, Philippines. I have been guided recently by spirit to initiate a new way of teaching that is both simple, easy to understand and can be learned and practised by anyone, anywhere and anytime. In past I have taught from my knowledge based on the teaching I have received from mentors and from other courses I have attended like advanced mediumship at Stansted College. Now I am teaching this new revolutionary way of learning to work with spirit.”

Forget the old jargon, forget what you you think you know and take heart in knowing that this information come from a higher source than man alone. On the night 12th December 2014 Paul was woken up by an apparition of female spirit standing by the bottom corner of his bed.  This spirit was of an ascended nature and imparted knowledge and energy into Paul. During the episode with this spirit, she informed him to go to Simila, South Cebu, and he would see her again.  Which he did two days later. He has had further visits from this ascended spiritual being over the course of the last couple of years as promised by her.

You have your normal range of senses sight hearing taste smell and touch. But these normal senses can be super enhanced quickly to aid your psychic and spiritual development.

Most places teach psychic development first then followed by spiritual development. But the two actually go together side by side. Some places will teach you about the importance of your vibration and the importance of grounding and all these things. Again they all have there place but you are surrounded by energy, you are energy in one form or another, the whole universe is built around energy.

The core CERT Contact Evidence Reason for Return and Tidy it up mediumistic process is good but, it is only as good as the link you have.

Under spiritual guidance Paul Can teach you a whole new approach to learning to work with spirit.  The core function is C.I.F.  To find out what C.I.F is and how you can benefit from it you need to purchase the course.

C.I.F can provide you with all the skills understanding and experience that you need to learn and develop with.

Paul teaches sound psychic development technics as well as mediumistic skills than you can learn to master.

This is psychic and spiritual development made easier for all simply learn CIF and how it works with you..

Introductory Course to C.I.F online start at only £499.00 per person.

Online courses run for 3 days so a good Internet connection is required. You will be expected to carry out exercises before and after the online part of your course.

Courses last 8 hours a day, plus your post teaching exercise time approximately 30-45 minutes and your following day pre day exercises. You will have plenty of time to explore your new gifts in a safe and controlled manner.

Make no mistake this is intensive, quick, groundbreaking and breathtakingly simple once you understand CIF and how it helps you interact with your senses to develop your true super potential. You to will have a eureka moment as the conceptual freedom of true spiritual advancement becomes open to you!

Paul in his working mode prior to giving a demonstration of clairvoyance.

Photograph of International Medium and Paranormal Investigator Paul Hanrahan, taken during filming of “Ghost Detectives” TV series in which Paul appeared in all six episodes. As Well as Ghost Detectives Paul also appeared in Haunted Halloween Live on ITV.

CIF Introductory Course On-line