Paul Hanrahan

International Paranormal Investigator and Medium

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What People have said about Paul’s Work

Caz: Paul Hanrahan is the best medium I have ever come across...he does charge for readings but that does not take anything away from the fact that he can do what it says on the tin!

I'll give you an example...

Ages ago Paul didn't know anything about my family etc. but we were invited up (he lives in Yorkshire) to his house for Sunday lunch (we were in Worcester anyway so it wasn't too far a journey)...after lunch we sat in the lounge. Paul didn't know that I had taken a ring along for him to have a look at and see if he could get anything from it. I did this as at the time I was missing the person this ring belonged to and having a few personal problems and needed some comfort (we've all been there I'm sure) and also to see if there really is more to this medium/psychic thing.

I started to say Paul I brought something along for you to have a look at...and before I could say anything else Paul said ahhh that explains it then because all through lunch I had an elderly lady with me and I kept telling her to go away and that I wasn't working. I asked what this lady looked like and Paul described my Nan exactly...even down to how she wore her hair and what she used to wear and the pet name she called me!!! All through this all I did was look at Paul… I didn't say yes/no or change my expression... (I am very, very sceptical about things like this) Paul then said you have something of hers don't you… which was right… I pulled out my Nan's wedding ring....Paul then proceeded to get her name...and tell me several other detailed things that not even other people knew about.

I hasten to add that Paul did not charge me for any of this.

This prompted me to ask my uncle about a photograph I knew he had in a small uncle found it and said I could keep it. It's a photo of my Nan wearing pretty much what Paul had said she had on.

Now I have seen chaps like the brilliant Darren Brown and seen how easy it is to read people but when you have such specific information given to you that you have never told anyone else about it does make you think. Whether Paul was somehow picking all this information up from me I don't know but everything he said was right.

Caroline Lee: Filming with Paul Hanrahan - Medium from The Ghost Detectives series and Mark Webb, paranormal investigator of Mia Dolan's Haunted Homes series at a haunted location in Hereford.

By John Blythe

I was asked to investigate The George Hotel, in North Norfolk by Paranormal Norfolk, a regional magazine dedicated to all things spooky. Paul Hanrahan; the television Ghost Detective, who also writes a column for them was to be involved and we were looking for a famous ghost known as The Green Lady. I have known Paul for some time and worked with him before so our team was looking forward to seeing him again and getting to grips with a famous ghost. Little did we know we were about to make history in the paranormal world.