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Meditation techniques have been around for a long, long time. In some cultures for thousands of years! Mankind has sought wisdom, harmony, peace and access to his/her spiritual self for perhaps as long as he/she has walked around the Earth.

Meditation takes so many forms and there are so many different ways of actually practising it and applying the use of meditation within ones life.

A few minutes, half an hour or even an hour, of meditation per day can produce hugely beneficial changes in your thinking, and your life. The more stress you have, the more the reason for you to meditate

There are several types of meditation.

1. Basic simple relaxation meditation.

2. Deeper relaxation for self-healing.

3. Visualisation meditations for spiritual development.

4. Semi (light) trance.

5. Trance.

(There are many different levels of trance from light trance states to very deep trance. Trance state is not normal reached when meditating on your own it is normally only achieved when sitting in a development circle which is sitting for the purpose of trance.)

The level that you reach within your meditation is dependant upon a number of variables such as where, when and what time of day you meditate. Whom you meditate with and whether you meditate in circle or on your own.

Now in theory, we should be able to meditate just about anywhere we wish to and when we wish to. There are simple meditations one can do whilst pealing vegetables, washing up, standing at the bus stop, waiting for a train at the station. There is never a place or time when you cannot meditate. What is important is that you are comfortable and you feel safe and secure in your surroundings. Doing a meditation in a dimly lit room, with gentle relaxing, non-intrusive music playing quietly in the background is a good way to start. Also make sure if you choose to do a meditation in a room like that, that you place a do not disturb sign up on the door. This is because when you go into deep relaxation you may become shaken if someone was to enter into the room and come up to you and try to wake you, touch you or talk to you. The deeper the relaxation the greater the shock that might occur if that was to happen.

If you wish to learn to meditate then you should seek help from a spiritualist church, a qualified and experienced teacher of meditation, or other professional who can teach and train you to meditate correctly. You can purchase specially designed meditation tapes now days, some of which are very good. When choosing a meditation tape it really comes down to personal preferences as to which one to listen too.

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