Paranormal Investigation Tools

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Equipment List and other useful information required for an investigation.

Digital Camera’s  especially with night vision or infra red vision.

Monitors! Again best if you have a built in video recorder.

Infrared CC TV camera.

Thermal imaging camera.

Tape recorder’s for EVP’s.

Camcorder best with infra red light source (Sony make a good one).

Pen & Paper to keep an investigation report.

Some small objects like Walnuts, penny coins.

EMF meter’s.

A quality torch or LED lantern.

Floor lay out plans, maps and compass.

Spare new fully charged batteries for all your equipment.

Information on Weather conditions.

Report and logging forms. (Logging of environmental conditions.)

Watches or and a main time piece.

Electronic Thermometer and or infrared Laser Thermometer.

Infra Red Lighting.

Duck tape for covering over leads.

Always when you are doing an investigation keep your common sense about you!

Have a safe area to use as a command centre.

Having a selection of warm drinks and snacks to keep you going throughout the investigation is a must.

Warm clothing and the correct footwear.

Flour and a flour trap.

Walkie Talkies for team members to stay in touch.

These are not listed in any order of importance.