Ley lines

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Ley Lines

Ley lines are generally recognized as being a man-made phenomena, occurring where sacred stones, old building or long lost pathways once were. Which have all somehow been charged with an energy like an electromagnetic energy. They are laid in a straight lines. Many of the ley lines are several thousand of years old, yet some may have been started only yesterday!

Ley Lines can also occur in straight lines between churches and other public buildings. Also I have experienced ley lines being created by individuals from one building to another, or simply within a room as an exercise to encourage trainee dowsers to experiment with their art.

The lines appear when there are at least 3 points like standing stones or churches in alignments with one another. The size of the stones or buildings is not important, they can be large or small, and the method of charging is thought to be activities such as heating or vibration through the influence of sound or a persons or group of peoples intent. Some Ley lines may even be charged by the flow of water over certain rock formations especially where quartz or and calcite crystal masses are found.

A ley line can be from a few hundred yards in length to hundreds of miles from starting to finishing point. There is no such thing as an average length to a Ley line but a significant number of Ley lines are from 3 - 25 miles in length!

Where two or more Ley lines cross one another you often find that mini vortexes occur. At these places you often find increased levels of paranormal activity.

It is also thought by some now that ghosts and orbs use some of the Ley lines to travel along. It is thought the energy found within the Ley lines helps the ghosts and orbs travel along them as a form of fuel!

Ley Lines should not be confused with Earth energy lines, which act like meridians carrying universal life force energy to sustain the planet. Like meridians do on people.

Ley lines can be detected by Dowsers, Psychics and Mediums.