Finding Ghosts

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Ghosts can be found anywhere, in houses, flats, tunnels, factories, on the road, public areas and old buildings like Jails, stately homes, castles and cemeteries They can also be found in new buildings and homes especially where they have been built over existing building’s or mine working’s etc.

The ghost/s may have worked or lived at a place during their lifetime and became so attached to it that upon death did not want to leave. Sometimes people can grieve too much and then the spirit remains on the earth plan to be close to its family, or maybe even they were so close to a particular family member that they do not wish to be separated.

This is often the case in historical buildings such as Charlton House in Greenwich. Where previous occupants of the house still live today amongst the workers and guests who now visit.

Ghosts retain their personality, intelligence, emotions, wants, thoughts and dress that they had in life.  They can bring these back through sensitive people and mediums.

Ghosts are not confined to one place and you’re sure to find them in your town, village or place of work. You can simply go anywhere and find them. Again a starting place is where you feel a creepy, uneasy or a spooked feeling. Why not go along on an organized ghost tour/hunt for starters!

Although the best time for taking ghost photographs is during and after dusk. You can get photos of ghosts in open daylight (look at our paranormal photo section). You get the best results with a digital camera with a flash although were now getting orbs and other phenomena on 35 mm film and were also getting phenomena without using a flash gun.

It may help to Plan your investigations during the new or full moon period, Check our lunar calendar page for dates of these cycles! It is thought that ghosts are a form of electromagnetic energy.