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of Paul Hanrahan

International Paranormal Investigator and Clairvoyant Medium

Paul has appeared in TV shows such as ‘Ghost Detectives’ and ‘Haunted Halloween Live’ on ITV.

 He has also written a national paranormal column for magazine and is a published author with a paranormal book titled ‘Living with Ghosts’.

Paul first became aware of the spirit world when his paternal grandmother died when he was aged 11. Without knowing his Grandmother was dead she appeared at the side of his bed and communicated with him, shortly after he had gone to bed to sleep. The following morning Paul was then told by his parents that he grandmother had passed away!

He then continued having spiritual experiences until he joined a spiritual circle aged 24. For the next 30 years Paul has continued to develop his natural psychic and clairvoyancy gifts.

Paul has also taught psychic and spiritual development courses and workshops at various places across the UK and has students in the UK and in the Philippines.

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Clairvoyancy and the Paranormal  first appeared online in 2001 providing paranormal information and running a chat site for psychics, mediums and paranormal enthusiasts to develop there skills. Since then its been available in one form or another every year. In 2016 we redesigned the web site and will be producing a mobile friendly version shortly. For you to use when your out and about.

Whether you are psychic, mediumistic, a paranormal enthusiast you are welcome to come along and join in the chat evenings. Sharing information skills and knowledge.

The multi platform website is now online  view it on your mobile phone or tablet at today to see our new mobile web site.

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